OK Dinghy masts

Manufactured from a combination of medium and high-modulus carbon fibres, the location of each layer of material combines to give the mast its unique bending curve. A complete record of each mast is maintained by Ceilidh Composite Technologies. Each mast is supplied complete ready to race with a dyneema D12 vang rope, standard 2:1 rope halyard (internal) with cam cleat orĀ stainless steel top halyard with dyneema hoist line. The mast does not include a boom bolt (16mm). Most customers prefer to arrange their own configuration for the vang and outhaul ropes but it is also possible to order fittings to be delivered together with the mast. While Ceilidh has developed their own ideas with regards to bend curves for the OK dinghy mast it is possible to recreate most curves as required. If interested, please provide us with as much information as possible to enable us to design your new mast.

How to measure mast bend

Tips for measuring deck ring and foot dimensions

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