Splash dinghies go carbon

The International Splash Dinghy Class manufacturer has chosen Ceilidh Composite Technologies to manufacture the new carbon fibre mast for the class.

The boat which was designed as a youth class is similar in performance to the smaller ILCA rigs and borrows many parts from the Europe Class. With a strict one design ethos, but a sailors weight range from 50kg up to 75kg the aluminium rigs tended to get damaged too easily. Ceilidh became involved in the development of a carbon mast for the boat in 2018. Original testing was performed with modified Europe masts from the Ceilidh mould, but now the masts are manufactured with the a similar masts section as the aluminium masts.

Performance wise there is no different between the carbon and aluminium masts. The average mast bending of a group of aluminium masts of varying ages was considered prior to finalising the bend curve of the new carbon mast. Yes, the mast is lighter, but more importantly it should not suffer from pre-bending or localized damage at deck level.

The wall thickness at deck level is similar to the Europe mast, with a larger section (25% larger) which increases the reliability. All masts are bend tested during the production process and are checked for a maximum loading of 20kg in the top of the mast (this is equivalent to 120kg weight righting the boat after a capsize)

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For further information and ordering please contact the builder Jachtwerf Heeg at www.splashboats.com