Splash Masts

Splash Masts

The first batch of Splash Dinghy Carbon masts has recently be delivered to the class builder. The mast is equal in performance to the aluminium masts but should not suffer from the permanent bend problems of the existing masts. Ceilidh developed the the mast exclusively for Jachtwerf Heeg who will be responsible for all sales and service enquiries. There is a quick guide for use (click here). For further information click here

Price changes for 2022

Unfortunately Ceilidh Composite Technologies has also been affected by the increase in raw material costs in the composite industry. During 2021 the average carbon pre-preg price for our products increased by 5%, a price increase that we chose to absorb in our sales prices.

However recently we have been advised of another 10% increase in raw materials prices with immediate effect. Unfortunately this means we will be forced to increase our prices with an average of 4% over the entire product range.

It is disappointing for us that this has happened, but we will be able to keep the prices for all items already on order with us, and all items ordered before 10th January.

Contender mast

Contender mast

As a natural development of products which utilize the 70mm x 50mm teardrop mould which Ceilidh designed for the Flying Dutchman class, the Contender dinghy seemed to be an ideal candidate for the achievable mechanical properties of this design.

Having been approached by Cicada Sails to develop a laminate schedule for the new Ceilidh Contender mast data from many of the top sailors in Europe was collated into a bend database which allows the comparison of the stiffness index both fore-aft and sideways. The different measurement systems can be combined in such a way to give a simple stiffness index which functions then as the reference for the design variations that Ceilidh can create. Please follow this link to our bend testing methods.

The prototype of the mast is finished in a similar fashion to our other stayed dinghy masts. Custom carbon detailing combined with standard fittings from Allen Brothers and Camcleats makes the finished product stand out. The foot is CNC machined from hard plastic (Delrin) and incorporates an innovative setup for the vang attachment. First testing will provide further information to finish the final development of this performance mast.

The masts are available to order in our webshop, along with spare parts as they become available. Rigging is offered separately as it will be custom made for each order. Each fully fitted mast will be supplied complete with measurement and a comprehensive bend datasheet. Please click here for a direct link to our webshop

FD Mast production

FD Mast production

Just prior to the COVID-19 outbreak we manufactured 3 FD masts for customers in The Netherlands and Switzerland. Unfortunately due to the lockdown restrictions we have not had too much feedback with regards to the performance, and definitely no results from regattas, however sailmaker Stephan Fels (SUI) was more than happy with his new mast, and notices the positive difference in gust response that we have been able to develop. We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Axel Antrecht of FSA Segelsport GmbH based at the Steinhuder lake. We will be shipping two masts to him for further evaluation. Axel has ordered both a stiff mast and the new light crew reflex mast. For further information please contact our office via this link.

Merlin Rocket Mast

Andy Davis, Merlin Rocket 3684

The past months, Ceilidh has been developing a new mast for the Merlin Rocket class. This class has an ‘open’ rule for various parts, so that new designs have the room to develop without tight restrictions.

The prototype mast is designed and manufactured in a similar fashion to all our dinghy masts, with an integrated sail track and aerodynamic ‘teardrop’ profile. This enables us to have more control over the fore-aft bending of the mast without influencing the sideways bend.

Working closely with sailors in the class it was clear that the best masts were made from High Modulus carbon with an outer diameter tube of 45mm and a bare weight of 4,6 to 4,8kg.

By using the teardrop section it is possible to increase the lateral stiffness due to surface area while reducing the outer diameter of the mast, thus making the mast more streamlined with less windage. The section has a width of 40mm, 10% smaller than all other masts, while still coming in a a meagre 4,52kg bare weight – Lighter and thinner!

The stiffness is in the same ballpark as other designs but there is still room for increasing the stiffness if required. First the mast will be tested to see if our concept generates the expected performance.

The sections will be most suited to a range of classes and a profile has also been commissioned to use as a gaff spar on a classic racer.

The initial batch of masts will retail at €3200,00 including VAT ex. works in The Netherlands. Shipment to the UK is about €150,00 €240,00 (post Brexit) including VAT and customs handling. For further information please contact our offices or get in touch with Andy Davis at HD Sails who has assisted us with the details and specs of the mast.

2019 Splash Worlds

2019 Splash Worlds

The 2019 Splash Worlds took place on July 22-27 in Kamperland, Netherlands. Though the Splash is not a class sporting carbon masts, other products and services proved their usefulness during the week.

Congratulations to Finn Snijders, who clinched the title in the very last race and another outstanding performance by Jules van Raaij, who ended third. Both were sailing with the Ceilidh vang system and halyard, confident that both give them more flexibility in changing their setup mid-race to adjust to changing conditions.

However, there is more to winning a race than equipment. Ceilidh Composite Technologies also provided coaching for the sailors of Splash Team Zeeland. Knowledge of the area and conditions proved to be essential: where other teams were struggling, Team Zeeland was able to sail well consistently thanks to constant updates on tide and wind situations. Focus on race preparation and tactical awareness coupled with an analytical approach to the mast and sail combination teaches the team members ‘skills for life’ within the coaching program.

Soling Europeans 2019

FIN46 (Heinonen-Helmhout-Heinonen), European Champions 2019

This year, the Soling European Championships were held in Torbole, Lake Garda. This year saw the introduction of carbon masts to the Soling class, as developed by Ceilidh Composite Technologies and ‘Group Orion’.

Four challenging days with both light and heavy winds made for an interesting and balanced championship. Congratulations to Eki Heinonen, Gabor Helmhout and Matias Heinonen of the FIN 46 for winning the Europeans with the Ceilidh Composite Technologies mast.