Price changes for 2022

Unfortunately Ceilidh Composite Technologies has also been affected by the increase in raw material costs in the composite industry. During 2021 the average carbon pre-preg price for our products increased by 5%, a price increase that we chose to absorb in our sales prices.

However recently we have been advised of another 10% increase in raw materials prices with immediate effect. Unfortunately this means we will be forced to increase our prices with an average of 4% over the entire product range.

It is disappointing for us that this has happened, but we will be able to keep the prices for all items already on order with us, and all items ordered before 10th January.

CNC capacity

CNC capacity

Ceilidh Composite Technologies is currently installing a new CNC bed to expand the plug and mould making capacities. The new machine which will be used to mill smaller moulds, parts and carbon plates has working dimensions of 1600mm x 800mm x 120mm. Together with the recently implemented 3D CAD drawing capabilities it will be possible to visualise new products and make mockups during product development. While this CNC bed is relatively small the plan is to test the suitability within the factory workflow before considering upgrading to a larger installation.